What’s Up with the Windmill?

Have you wondered why we have a windmill in the middle of our logo and use it as our trademark? It is unique and has special meaning for the foundation of SC Real Foods. You can read about that here.

Windmills aren’t typically used anymore but they once were used to grind grain into flour. The wind turns the enormous paddles, which then use that energy to turn millstones to grind grain into flour.

While we occasionally bake with organic white flour, most of our baked goods are made with fresh-ground whole flour. Few people know that we have a large stone burr mill right in our SC Real Foods’ kitchen that we use to grind our wheat, spelt and cornmeal that we the use in our baked goods.

We also have a small mill on our counter at the point of sale so you can purchase those bags of whole grain and have us mill it into fresh flour for you while you wait (it just takes a minute or two) at no extra charge.

If you’re like most people, you think that whole grain baked goods are dry, tasteless and bitter. And that’s true of commercially produced products. But this is absolutely not so when baking with fresh flour. Fresh flour adds a delicious depth of flavor, nuttiness and sweetness that cannot be matched even by using whole grain flour from a grocery store.

You see, as soon as flour is milled, the nutrients in it begin to oxidize and turn rancid. Not only does this diminish the nutritional quality of the flour, it turns the flavor to bitter. Most baked goods that you’re familiar with are in fact using flour that’s had the rancid (and the most nutritional!) parts sifted out, but some of those parts still remain which unfortunately gives whole grain flour a bad rap.

So, when you see “Whole Grain” on our baked goods, do not pass by! We know you’ll love the benefits of the nutrition, the “keeps you full” factor and even the amazing depth of flavor that whole grain flour offers you.

Truly, there’s not another bakery in the Pee Dee that offers the quality of baked goods that SC Real Foods does. And it’s all because of our big windmill!