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Our Food is Just Better

SC Real Foods carries many similar items to other stores and restaurants. While the food may look the same, it's not. We take extra time, effort and expense to make sure that the food we prepare for you is nutritious and delicious.


We spend extra money on ingredients like organic olive oil and Real Salt (brand) that we don't have to because your health matters to us.

We spend time and ingredients developing new recipes and techniques to make our wholesome homemade food function in a retail environment. We don't launch a bakery or deli product until it tastes amazing.

Additionally, we're blessed to have the Victors Restaurant chefs and staff who prepare your Real & Ready meals. We meet with them weekly to discuss the menu, ingredients & techniques. Their talent, expertise, creativity and dedication to the Real Food cause are pushing forward the boundaries of ready made food.

All that sets SC Real Foods apart from all other stores, delis and restaurants.

Thanks for letting us serve you and thanks for supporting us. We just absolutely love you, our customer, and want to bless you with yumminess & health.



Fats & Dairy
All the Rest

At minimum, chicken and pork products are antibiotic/hormone free (ABF). "Cured" pork products also contain no nitrites/nitrates. All seafood is wild caught (nothing farm-raised), and no seafood is dipped in sulfite solution. Beef is always ABF at minimum and can often also be grassfed where possible.

Fats & Dairy

Olive oil & coconut oil are organic. All other oils are NonGMO. We do not use any hydrogenated fats. We use real whole milk dairy, real butter, sour cream & cream. Some cheese that we use is rBST free, some is not. 


We first try to use LOCAL in-season produce. Many times this is organically grown. Many times we have organic produce around and available, but not always. Where possible, we attempt to follow the EWG Dirty Dozen and Clean 15.  Our salads use organic greens.


All salt in our food is Real® Salt which contains an array of minerals for your health. Other seasonings, especially prepared blends contain NO MSG. We use fresh herbs and lemon juice where possible and otherwise, keep the seasoning simple and pure. We try to avoid fillers and binders.


Our number one favorite sweetener is organic real cane sugar! No worries about GMO beet sugar here. We also love pure honey and maple syrup. We avoid corn syrup. In most of our recipes, the amount of sugar has been reduced.


We use either LIGHT Farms LOCAL organically raised eggs or commercial organic eggs in dishes and baked goods.

All the Rest

We try our best to use wholesome, simple, organic where possible, NonGMO, unadulterated ingredients. We earnestly attempt to balance cost with nutrition and health in mind.

About Gluten

Please be aware. We offer lots of products that don't have any gluten in their ingredients. And the overall product may be considered "gluten free." However, neither SC Real Foods nor Victors Restaurant is a certified gluten free kitchen and we don't always use ingredients that are certified gluten free.

If you are gluten sensitive or choosing not to eat gluten, you should be fine eating our products that don't contain gluten.

If you have celiac disease, please avoid according to your own known sensitivities.

  • SCRF is honest and forthright about ingredients & preparation
  • SCRF does our best to balance the best ingredient choices with cost on your behalf
  • SCRF provides a channel for you to communicate and ask questions. We answer your questions.
  • While we can't meet everyone's needs or please everyone, we do our best to be responsive.


  1. Donald Jackson on May 20, 2018 at 8:19 pm

    Are your food considers keto diet?

    • ValC on May 21, 2018 at 5:33 am

      Many of our Bakery, Market & Real & Ready food items are keto diet friendly. Sometimes it’s listed on the label or sign. Our menu and foods change weekly, so while you’re in the store, ask us to show you which items are keto-friendly.

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