Did you know that restaurants are not required to tell you the ingredients in their food?

I just learned this. Last week, we wanted to do quality comparisons for the purpose of ensuring competitive pricing. So, we purchased common lunch items and meal prep from a few local franchise restaurants. I decided that I wanted to know the ingredients in them. I thought this would be no problem. The ingredients weren’t listed on the corporate franchise website so I emailed them and asked. But they didn’t reply – to multiple requests from multiple people. This led me to search exactly what’s required of restaurants by the FDA.

And I learned something that shocked me.

Restaurants are not required to tell you what’s in their food. They ARE required, however, to list the calories and other macros.

Something is wrong here.

First of all, a food establishment that refuses to disclose ingredients doesn’t have my confidence, particularly one that touts itself as “clean eating.” And secondly, the federal law that values your right to know calories and fat but does not value your right to know the ingredients is implying that nutrition doesn’t matter as long as the calorie count matches your “points” or fits into your “plan.”

I urge you to be a smart food consumer. If you care about ingredients, ASK. If you’re not satisfied, choose something else.

At SC Real Foods, we are very responsive to answer your questions about our food. In fact, we’re pretty proud to tell you about how amazing our ingredients are.

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