You’ll see tags on all of our ready-made foods. We’ve built a key into the design of our tags that you can use to find exactly what you need.

Each Block is a Dietary Category
At the top you’ll find the NAME of the food. Then you’ll see a colored grid of blocks at the bottom. Each block represents a dietary category.

  • Blue – Dairy Free
  • Red – Gluten Free
  • Green – Grain Free
  • Yellow – Sugar Free
  • Purple – Vegetarian
  • Orange – Vegan

Reading the blocks is easy. If there’s text in the block, then the food matches that category. If the block is empty, it doesn’t. No need to remember the colors. They are there as a visual guide. Just read the tag and you’ll know. Please note: The Sugar Free block is only used for Bakery dessert products. Market, and Real & Ready foods may contain sugar.

For Keto, Diabetic-Friendly and Low-Carb
Keto-Friendly foods have a black KETO sticker above the colored blocks. Keto-friendly foods are naturally low in carbohydrates and so are always good choices for those with diabetes.

A Word on Gluten Free
We’re not a gluten free kitchen. So when we say gluten free, we mean that there’s no gluten in the ingredients. While we do our best not to, there’s always a possibility for cross contamination. Please make choices based on your level of sensitivity. If you have any questions about our tagging system that weren’t answered here, please feel free to ask in the comments.

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