Hot Soup

Warming From the Inside Out

Check the ingredients on those other soups
Every ingredient in SC Real Foods’ soups is wholesome and natural

You’ll find real bone broths and real cream. The veggies aren’t overcooked and they taste fresh. All ingredients are free from GMOs, and meats contain no antibiotics or growth hormones and are uncured (no added nitrites/nitrates). You won’t find any chemical preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors – just wholesome ingredients.


All that and... they taste amazing!


The complete list of our soups with photos, descriptions & ingredients is in our Soup Portfolio.


Homemade Corn Muffins

Have a corn muffin with your soup.

We bake our corn muffins from scratch using fresh-ground organic corn, local grassfed buttermilk and local organic eggs. No gluten ingredients.

You absolutely will not find a better corn muffin around.


We Have Choices for You

We offer a variety of dietary choices from gluten free to dairy free, vegetarian and vegan. Check the menu cards in the store or reference our online Soup Portfolio.

Add cheese or sour cream to your soup. And for a side, we recommend our corn muffins, but you can also grab a piece of fruit, bag of chips, or deli item.

What are the Soups Today?

We post on Facebook each day or you can call to hear our daily soups (843.235.1175).