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Our great-grandparents ate freely from all categories of food without the same concerns for heart disease, cancer and diabetes that we have today.

SC Real Foods believes that these diseases are largely caused by the production and consumption of commercially prepared foods that are full of chemicals and provide little nutrition. Our food system has changed the way we grow and produce foods including genetic modification, the addition of hormones and antibiotics and even feeding animals the wrong kinds of foods in the interest of higher yields. Unfortunately, though, all this fundamentally changes the chemistry of our food.

Instead of making us strong, healthy, and helping our body fight off diseases and infections, our food is making us sick!

Health and wellness can be found when we turn back the clock. Instead of eating fast food and commercially prepared foods, we can instead eat freshly prepared ones that contain wholesome ingredients similar to those our great-grandparents would have eaten.


That's What Real Food is.
And That's What SC Real Foods Provides for You.



Why do you spend money for that which is not bread,
and your labor for that which does not satisfy?

Listen diligently to Me, and eat what is good,
and let your soul delight itself in abundance.


Andrew & Valerie Criswell own and operate SC Real Foods and LIGHT Farms. They previously owned and operated Pee Dee Christian Book & Supply, which served the region with Christian books and products for over 35 years and closed in 2017.

The story of SC Real Foods is a testimony to the working power of God and his interest in our lives as well as the lives of everyone in our area where SC Real Foods serves.

From Val:

I was diagnosed with hypothyroid disease in 2009 after the birth of our fourth child. My internist told me that I would require a lifetime of medication to live with this autoimmune disease. But this quality of life was not compatible with the healing that I knew was mine to have through Jesus. So in an attempt to reconcile my faith, I inquired of the Lord, who told me that my healing was through obedience of the types of food I was eating.

So I bought a grain mill (the Lord had already planted this instruction in me) and I began preparing all of the family's baked goods from fresh-ground flour. I immediately began to feel better. Over the course of the next year, I slowly began replacing more and more of the processed foods in our diet with real food. And within a year, I was completely healed and was able to come off of the thyroid medication.

In the meantime, Andrew & I were making bulk purchases of real food products through our business - Pee Dee Christian Book & Supply. Others began to participate in these purchases and before anyone realized what was happening, SC Real Foods was born inside the Christian book store in 2011.


Today, SC Real Foods proudly serves REAL FOOD from its Whole Grain Bakery, Market Prepared Foods, Real & Ready, as well as groceries including local meats, eggs and non-homogenized and raw milk.

In this way, the healing work that God did in the Criswell family can resound out into the entire region with the availability and aggregation of Real Food for YOU. Praise God!

SC Real Foods

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