Our great-grandparents ate freely from all categories of food without the same concerns for heart disease, cancer and diabetes that we have today.

SC Real Foods believes that these diseases are largely caused by the production and consumption of commercially prepared foods that are full of chemicals and provide little nutrition. Our food system has changed the way we grow and produce foods including genetic modification, the addition of hormones and antibiotics and even feeding animals the wrong kinds of foods in the interest of higher yields. Unfortunately, though, all this fundamentally changes the chemistry of our food.

Instead of making us strong, healthy, and helping our body fight off diseases and infections, our food is making us sick!

Health and wellness can be found when we turn back the clock. Instead of eating fast food and commercially prepared foods, we can instead eat freshly prepared ones that contain wholesome ingredients similar to those our great-grandparents would have eaten.

That’s What Real Food is.
And That’s What SC Real Foods Provides for You