3 Reasons Why Eating a Vegan Diet is Not Your Best Option

A vegan (plant based) diet is being elevated in the media and the food industry as the absolute best that you can do to eat healthy. And people around us are aspiring to move toward that in their eating habits and choices.

So, are you surprised to hear that eating a vegan diet is not your best option? Here are three reasons why:

❇️ Junk Food is Junk
Some who are striving to eat a vegan diet are still eating garbage processed food that’s lacking nutrition. Junk food is junk whether it’s plant based or not. In every case, it’s important to choose plenty of foods that are wholesome, natural and nutrient dense. Your health goals are not going to be achieved by simply cutting out the animal product ingredients in your favorite processed foods.

❇️ All Animal Products are Not Created Equal
Some who are striving to eat a vegan diet don’t know that there’s a fundamental difference between Real Food (that’s not necessarily plant based) and commercially produced food that’s part of the “Standard American Diet.” Animal products are NOT created equal and should not be lumped together under the same health standards. As an example, you’d be surprised to learn that no study has ever shown that 100% grassfed beef & dairy contributes to heart disease, high blood pressure or atherosclerosis. In fact, grassfed beef products contain high amounts of an acid (CLA) that help fight all kinds of health issues. So, when food is grown and prepared in the right way, it doesn’t make you sick. Commercially produced processed food is your enemy, NOT animal products.

❇️ Kick the Guilt, Find Freedom and Make Peace with Your Food
Some who are striving to eat a vegan diet don’t fully understand why they are doing it and unnecessarily suffer with stress and guilt in their relationship with food. If you enjoy meat, dairy and eggs, it can be exceedingly difficult to hear that eating them is harming your health and to be at your best, you need to completely quit. Ouch! That’s not only really difficult, it’s not necessary. We have real food options for you that will help you transition off of commercially produced foods onto real foods and eat fully and happily from all food groups!

We love our vegan friends and we want to serve everyone real food whether it’s plant-based or not. We are happy to help you meet your own food goals whatever they are!

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  1. Mary Rhim says:

    I live about 25 miles from Florence. I will not come to Flo. without stopping by your store. Yesterday I was there and found a ton of goodies in the half off case which is my fav case to shop. The blackened salmon that i purchased omg. The best thing I have ever tasted. Broccoli/red peppers roasted delic. I have yet to buy a product from your store that didn’t meet or exceed my expectations. Today I almost feel like driving those 25 miles just by chance I could get salmon. Oh and I won’t leave without a shock the monkey either. Keep up the great job you are
    doing. The difference can be tasted in your food.

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