You Think It’s Bad, But Here’s Why It’s Good

A customer came in this week and was disappointed that we were sold out of local butter.  We’ve also had supply issues with eggs.  And the vanilla and hazelnut half and half has been completely unavailable because the manufacturer can’t produce it right now.

I know that availability issues are annoying and they rarely happen in traditional food stores. But let me tell you what’s behind these problems and perhaps you’ll understand how and why our food is so different from what’s in a traditional grocery store.

Regular grocery store food is available in a steady stream because of artificial input.  Specifically, cows are given HORMONES to INCREASE MILK PRODUCTION and chickens are given HORMONES to INCREASE EGG PRODUCTION.

In the natural and organic food industry, these inputs are not used.  This means that the normal ebb and flow of milk and egg production is a felt reality.

When cows who are fed grass instead of grain have less green grass to eat in the winter, they naturally produce less milk and the milk is less rich with cream.

As summer fades away, chickens spend their energy molting instead of laying eggs.  Also, with less daylight in the winter months, chickens don’t lay nearly as many eggs as they do during the spring and summer.

This is all part of the NORMAL CYCLES OF FOOD PRODUCTION.  And since we choose not to have our food tainted with hormones, we must also choose to be okay to live with less availability of some types of products.

And so, we roll with it.

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