Whole Grain Bakery

made from scratch with fresh-ground flour

Whole Wheat Can't Be Good!


Who Would Eat a Whole Wheat Cookie?

It's a fair question.

But you see, not all whole wheat is created equal. We start with fresh whole grains that we grind into flour ourselves.

Most people who don't think they like whole grain products have never tried ones made from fresh flour. Fresh flour tastes very different from anything you can buy in the grocery store. It's sweet and mild in flavor - not bitter at all. Our products are light, fluffy and full of flavor.

We've developed our recipes to be delicious, satisfying and nutritious without the addition of any white flour.

It's TRUE! Tens of thousands of whole grain loaves, cookies, slices and pounds have come out of our ovens.

Folks aren't buying that stuff to make US feel good!


Soft Fluffy Healthy Bread


Fresh-Ground Flour Makes the Difference

Did you know that fresh-ground flour contains over 30 different vitamins & minerals? And that even store-bought whole wheat flour/bread don't contain anywhere close to that amount?

As soon as wheat is ground into flour, many of the nutrients in it begin to oxidize and turn rancid, so it's not possible to include the entire amount of nutrition available in wheat in a commercial product.

That's why we grind our grain fresh. And we only use whole fresh-ground flour - unlike other bakeries, that may blend commercial whole wheat flour with white flour, we don't - every bakery product contains 100% fresh-ground grains.

Eat our bread for true nourishment AND because it's just that good.


Over 20,000 Pounds

There's something special about our Granola

Since Opening in 2011, We've Sold 20,000+ Pounds


So, if you think you're ready to get addicted, come by and have a sample of any of our flavors. But don't blame us... you've been warned.

All of our granola is made from scratch and packaged by hand inside our SCRF kitchen. We use organic thick-rolled oats, organic cold-pressed coconut oil, organic sucanat, and maple syrup in our base.

To create our flavors, we use as many organic and wholesome ingredients as possible so you can feel good about your obsession.


SC Real Foods' Granola is the perfect gift-giving solution for
appreciation, teachers, hostesses or secret Santa.


Which is your favorite?


Fruit & Nut Deluxe, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cherry Almond Chip, Hazelnut Espresso, I'm Just Nuts.

Seasonal Varieties: Apple Pie, Joyful Cocoa Almond, Hit the Trail,
Lucky Morning, Bananas Foster, Frill Me Not or Winter Gingerbread.

Whole Wheat Cookies


It's a hard thing for a cookie to make the cut in our kitchen! We tweak our recipes until the cookies are STUNNINGLY good. You won't find a variety that's just okay - they are all fabulous. We bake our cookies from scratch, by hand, in our kitchen with only wholesome ingredients. We use fresh-ground flour, organic sugars, real butter, organic eggs and as many other wholesome ingredients as possible. There are no preservatives and they only contain a few simple ingredients. Maybe that's why they're so good.

Gluten Free & Paleo


The SC Real Foods' Whole Grain Bakery is a regional pioneer in the development of gluten free and grain free baked goods that are not only delicious, but also nutritious. We push the boundaries of dietary needs and food trends forward to keep you happy and satisfied within your restrictions.

While we aren't a certified gluten free kitchen, if you're avoiding gluten or even grains, we have several fresh-baked wholesome options so that you won't miss out.

Reduced Sugar and Sugar Free


You don't need or want all that sugar from traditional bakeries. We nearly always cut the amount of sugar back in our recipes by 20%-50%. We even produce several recipes that have no added sugar of any kind.

We've discovered that not only is eating less sugar better for your health, giving you more freedom to eat healthy baked goods, less sugar allows the high-quality ingredients and flavors to shine. You can TASTE your food so much better when it's not being overpowered by unnecessary sweetness.


Stay Full All Morning

Our muffins and quick breads are packed with healthy whole grain, organic eggs and healthy fat. And that's not even the best part!  We've cut back the sugar in our recipe so you can feel good about eating it for your morning meal or snack. One muffin will keep you going for hours!