Saving Money on Meat

As a customer was purchasing her first pound of grassfed beef this week she made the comment that she hoped she could afford to continue to buy good quality clean meat.

It’s a reasonable concern that you may have for yourself, so I’ll tell you what I told her…

Eating good quality meat that is hormone and antibiotic free, fed non GMO feed, and for beef, fed grass instead of grain CAN make a big difference in your and your family’s health.

Did you know that more antibiotics are used in the production of meat than is used by humans in the health industry? And that nearly all the grain fed to beef, pork and poultry is genetically modified?

It’s pretty easy for us to agree that we WANT to buy better quality meat. So here are a few tips to help you be able to work it into your food budget:

1. Use less meat in your dishes. Instead of preparing a meal that centers around each person eating a piece of meat, incorporate smaller portions of meat into a casserole, soup or sauce. For instance, instead of loading a spaghetti sauce with ground beef, use a small amount of beef along with lots of veggies (mushrooms, squash, zucchini, onions, peppers, spinach, etc. work GREAT).

2. Instead of eating meat with every meal, do a meal or two each week with a less expensive protein like eggs, cheese and beans. How about some bean burritos, omelettes, quiche, or even a veggie pizza? Spending less money on protein for some meals will allow for more money to be spent on others.

3. Eat out at restaurants less. It’s amazing how a $50 bill can whiff away, isn’t it? Even just two fewer meals out a month can put enough extra grocery money in your wallet to buy better quality meat all month long.

4. Replace commercially produced ready-made foods with simple plain ingredients and cook from scratch. Come on now, you can slice a potato. You don’t need those frozen totty blocks. Anyhow, have you checked the ingredients on those? There’s way more than potatoes in those potato poppers. Base ingredients used for truly “from scratch” cooking cost considerably less per serving than boxes and bags of ready-made junk.

Now I know all this takes effort. But I promise you that you will be rewarded for the time and planning that you put into being able to eat better quality meats. And it’s soooo worth it!

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