It’s Not All or Nothing

I WANT to eat that strawberry. BUT it’s not organic. But it IS a fruit. And fruit IS good for me! BUT it’s covered in pesticides. EWW! But fresh in-season strawberries ARE SO DELICIOUS! UGH! I can’t afford to buy all organic produce and that makes me frustrated. I’m SO CONFUSED! <insert vision of strawberry…

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The Real Cost of Food

There’s one thing that Andrew and I have learned as we’ve operated our farm to grow/raise meat, eggs and produce organically and sustainably… It’s HARD WORK and it’s EXPENSIVE to produce good food the right way – in a way that respects the land and animals and produces the most healthy, highest quality food. And…

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I Brush My Teeth with Mud

This is no joke.  It’s true. We use a homemade toothpaste made from Bentonite Clay, Mineral Salt, Essential Oils & a little Stevia.  It’s very easy to use and not gross at all – it tastes GREAT. In fact, we will NEVER go back to commercial toothpaste. It takes less than ten minutes to mix…

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Saving Money on Meat

It’s pretty easy for us to agree that we WANT to buy better quality meat. So here are a few tips to help you be able to work it into your food budget

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You CAN Make Chicken Nuggets at Home

Everyone enjoys Chicken Nuggets – especially children.  But you don’t have to drive-through or buy ready-made frozen to enjoy them.  REALLY. THIS IS SO EASY and PERFECT for a busy week night or quick weekend meal. Here’s what I do… Cut your boneless skinless breasts or tenders into bite-size pieces.  Toss them in melted butter,…

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Juice Baby

If any child in our home was caught drinking juice, they’d get teased by being called a “juice baby.” Ridiculous, I know.

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My Secret Ingredient… REVEALED

I don’t remember what the dish was but some time last year my friend asked me how I got a certain dish to have a full rich yummy flavor.  I just smiled.  I didn’t tell her.  Yeah, I felt guilty.  But I still kept it to myself and decided to bear the guilt a while…

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You Think It’s Bad, But Here’s Why It’s Good

I know that availability issues are annoying and they rarely happen in traditional food stores. But let me tell you what’s behind these problems and perhaps you’ll understand how and why our food is so different from what’s in a traditional grocery store.

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Is Gluten Bad?

There is definitely something wrong when a food that God gave us to increase our health instead is making us sick. BUT…

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Getting Kids to Eat Real Food (Part 2 of 2)

In Getting Kids to Eat Real Food Part 1 we discussed food battles, as well as our goals and responsibilities in feeding our children.  In this episode we get down to the practical matter by giving you lots of tips… many you’ve probably never heard before and will be surprised by. Children Have Genuine Preferences…

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Getting Kids to Eat Real Food (part 1 of 2)

Many believe that kids can only love junk food and even if we can get the them eat healthy food, they’ll never actually ENJOY it.  This is not true.  We CAN train our children to eat and enjoy food that’s good for them.

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How to Shop for Eggs

Have you seen the egg aisle at the grocery store? There are so many choices… too many choices. The number of choices can make you crazy if you don’t know what all the terms on those egg cartons mean.

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