Pour on the Salt

Okay, here’s a statement to contradict all the usual medical advice…


You’re responsible for making your own decisions if your doctor or dietitian tells you to cut back or avoid salt but hear me out.

Salt may well be a major contributor to high blood pressure and a handful of other health problems but do you realize that the reason we eat too much salt is because we’re eating processed food?

Major amounts of salt are hidden in commercially processed foods.  And THAT IS BAD!


Your body NEEDS salt.  And when you’re using a salt that has been minimally processed and contains valuable nutritional minerals, you can SHAKE FREELY TO TASTE… IF YOU’RE AVOIDING PROCESSED FOODS!

This is GREAT news.  I have tried to go salt free.  It’s no fun.  Food is no fun without salt.  I get mad when I read advice telling you to cut back or avoid salt completely.

You probably don’t think about it, but it’s important to use a good quality salt.

Sea salt contains iodine.  And so does lots of other REAL FOOD sources. So we don’t need the food industry to make a God-given food better.  We just need to eat the REAL FOOD version instead.  Salts that are harvested from various areas around the world contain various mineral profiles.

Minerals are essential to our health and we can get all that we need from our food when we are eating good quality foods from all food groups and using a good quality mineral salt to season our food.

At SC Real Foods, we carry Redmond Real Salt.  Check THIS MINERAL ANALYSIS and be amazed that nutrition can be found in something as simple as salt.  Your ordinary table salt CANNOT make this claim.

Want to know more about why salt is necessary?  Check this article —> 12 Reasons Why Salt is GOOD for You.  And come grab some REAL SALT.

Season your food well and enjoy.

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We now carry a variety of salt including regular sea salt and Celtic sea salt.

Also, we exclusively use Redmond Real Salt in all of our bakery recipes.  It’s an extra cost that we take on because we believe in the ability of good ingredients to nourish us for prophylactic healthcare.

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