Is Gluten Bad?

Many people are confused about gluten.  The way it’s talked about in media, it’s easy to believe that it’s an evil food additive.  But in reality, gluten is a protein that’s naturally found in wheat and some other grains.

So, is gluten bad?  That’s a hard question to answer because for some people, it’s very bad.  And for others, it’s no problem.

There is definitely something wrong when a food that God gave us to increase our health instead is making us sick.  Sadly, the changes that have been made to the genetic make-up of our foods and the way that out foods are grown with numerous chemicals has likely perverted what was once a great food product and turned it into a problem.

But does this mean that gluten IS BAD?

Here is where many folks go astray.  If you personally, don’t struggle with gluten intolerance or celiac disease, there is absolutely no reason to avoid gluten.

If you’re unnecessarily avoiding gluten, then you’re likely missing out on the opportunity to get amazing whole grain nutrition.  AND it’s really hard to find whole grain nutrition in gluten free products!

So please…  unless you have a specific reason not to, please eat wholly and heartily from our in-house baked sandwich breads.


If you do struggle with gluten or have celiac disease, we have several whole grain pasta options, as well as whole grain breads in our freezer.

Please let the staff know if we can answer any questions about this.

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