I Brush My Teeth with Mud

This is no joke.  It’s true.

We use a homemade toothpaste made from Bentonite Clay, Mineral Salt, Essential Oils & a little Stevia.  It’s very easy to use and not gross at all – it tastes GREAT. In fact, we will NEVER go back to commercial toothpaste.

It takes less than ten minutes to mix this up and it lasts for about 4 months.  It’s super-cheap, and we get all the benefits of a non-abrasive, germ-killing, detoxfying, remineralizing toothpaste that contains NO fluoride.

You know fluoride is bad news, right?

My recipe is at the bottom of this post.  We carry everything you need at SC Real Foods to make this.

If you can’t be bothered to make this yourself, no problem, we carry Earthpaste, which is similar.

If you’re not familiar with the main component of this recipe, Bentonite Clay, then please, let me introduce you to its AMAZING properties.  I’ve personally heard testimonies about the healing of eczema, acne, stomach acid issues, mosquito bites, and poison ivy.

THIS is a very good article  explaining what the clay is, its abilities to detox and absorb toxins and heavy metals, as well as KILL all kinds of nasty bacteria and viruses.

After you read that article, you’re going to be so pumped up you’ll want to smear bentonite clay all over yourself, your family, and everything you own.  But, my friend, consider the implications and remember that IT IS MUD.

We carry the entire line of products that are simply bentonite clay (Redmond brand) in various forms to make it easy to use.  Come in and ask us.

By the way, if you’re using the natural toothpaste brand that is exactly the same name of the colorful fabric shoes that everyone wears (starts with a T), please be aware that our dentist advised us to STOP because the abrasives in it will wear away your tooth enamel.  Not cool.  Just letting you know.

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Val’s Homemade Toothpaste Mud

1 cup Bentonite Clay
1 cup Water
1/4 tsp Real Salt
Stevia Powder to taste
40 drops of Essential Oil Blend

Mix it all up and store in an airtight container.  Making mud is fun.

For the essential oil blend, you have a few options.  You can simply add Peppermint Oil and Tea Tree Oil to taste (tea tree is EXCELLENT for gum health and has strong antibacterial properties) Or, f you’re familiar with Young Living Brand Thieves Blend and you use that, then by all means, go for that (I can hook you up with a Young Living rep, if you like).  Otherwise, we carry another brand of this blend in our store that is cheaper.  OR, you can make your own.

I use THIS RECIPE to make my own because it’s much cheaper and I like to use it everywhere

Homemade Thieves Blend

1 T Clove Bud oil
1 T Lemon oil
2 1/2 tsp Cinnamon Bark oil
2 tsp Eucalyptus oil
2 tsp Rosemary oil


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