How Convenient? You’ve Been Duped

In the name of CONVENIENCE, many of the food products you buy really don’t save you any time, effort, or money at all. And they may in fact be costing you more in the end.

Let me explain.

It’s the job of any industry to create a product that YOU THINK you need.  If a company can convince you that you need their product, you’re going to buy it.

But often…  I’m sorry to tell you… You’ve been duped!

Making many items from scratch is cheap, inexpensive, and doesn’t take near the effort and time expense that you’ve been convinced that it does.

Here are a few examples…

Cool Whip
Not only is this product NOT nutritious, it actually contains ingredients that will deteriorate your health.  It’s SO EASY to whip cream.  It messes up one bowl and takes less than 5 minutes.  Most recipes that call for Cool Whip can easily substitute real whipped cream.  And don’t reach for that spray can.  Buy some good organic cream that will nourish you and your family.  How to Whip Cream.

Bottled Salad Dressing
FEW if ANY bottled dressings contain ingredients that are as wholesome as you can have making your dressings from scratch.  This is so obviously simple, you’re going to want to slap me.  For a VINAIGRETTE, splash some olive oil and vinegar onto your salad.  Shake on some salt, pepper, and a few herbs.  DONE.  Gotta have Ranch?  Dollop some organic mayo, sour cream, and a few seasonings into a bowl and stir.  You’re going to be spoiled.  I use my own variation on this recipe for Ranch Salad Dressing.  Get creative.  Do some Googling for your favorites.  It’s NOT an UNSOLVED MYSTERY.

Jarred Pasta Sauce
Most all jarred sauces contain a CRAZY amount of SUGAR.  That’s right.  We don’t need that or want that.  If your hand can open a jar, it can open a can.  Canned tomatoes/sauce, plus some garlic, herbs, and optional olive oil or wine, make a sauce so amazing, you’ll never use a jar again.  And what do you have to do?  Dump it into a pot.  We’re starting a revolution here.  I just dump 2 large cans of whatever tomato products I have (crush whole tomatoes yourself before adding), add seasonings and cook a while.  But here’s a recipe if that’s too renegade for you.

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My point here is to ask you to take a step back and evaluate all the prepared foods that you’re buying.  Ask yourself if this could be made from scratch, and would it be easy and cheaper?

Sometimes the answer is no.

Like… I’ve decided KETCHUP isn’t worth my trouble (although this is fairly simple and delicious).

But often, I bet there are many items that you can save money on, eat tastier versions of, and most importantly, get rid of the chemicals, preservatives, and artificial garbage from your table.


  1. Laurie Gray on January 20, 2019 at 2:15 pm

    Thank you for this blog – some great ideas. Unfortunately, though, every time I clicked on the recipes you included, it went to a 404 page, courtesy of iContact. Is there another way to et the three recipes you mentioned? Whipped cream, ranch dressing, and spaghetti sauce? I would love to have them! Thank you.

  2. Elaine on February 15, 2019 at 9:51 am

    Great information. I can’t open the italic recipes for some reason. Any way that I can find them somewhere else? I would love to make my own salad dressing and pasta sauce.
    Thanks for the great items in your store! Love going there

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